Shwings Fun Shoe Accessories- $7 with Free Shipping

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Pink Neon Butterfly
Black Foil Mustache
Blue Neon Wings
Red Flames
Silver Foil Wings

$8.95Retail Value

Shwings are the newest craze to hit the streets! Your kids will love hopping, skipping, and jumping down the sidewalk, imagining their Shwings are letting them fly to new heights. They’ll make an old pair of shoes new and exciting, or make a new pair fly! One size fits all – every child in your house can have a brand new set of Shwings! Mix and match them to stack onto your shoes for a unique look. The possibilities are endless!

Available in several shapes for an even more unique style.

Choose from 5 different styles:

  • Pink Neon Butterfly
  • Black Foil Mustache
  • Blue Neon Wings
  • Red Flames
  • Silver Foil Wings

The Fine Print

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