Two Elephants Fabric Winter Windshield Cover - $9.99 With FREE Shipping

The Deal

Ah, winter. It’s not here quite yet, but soon you’ll start to see the signs of its arrival. You know what that means a whole lot of extra time added to your morning commute so you can scrape off your windshield. We say it’s time to fight back! Just place this Printed Fabric Winter Windshield Cover on at night before the frost hits. When you step outside in the morning, simply remove the cover to reveal a perfectly clear windshield! No more brushing off snow, ice, or frost it’s a move that will save you time in the morning, and help you use up less fuel while warming up your vehicle. Take that, winter!

  • Made of nylon fabric
  • Keeps windshields clean and ice-free
  • Easily attaches to vehicles’ windshields
  • Fits most cars, trucks and SUVs
  • Save time and get on with your day/evening while reducing warm-up fuel consumption
  • Measures 27.5″ x 56″
  • Available in Red Chevron and Black Geometric.

Deal Restriction(s)

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  • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. For customer service issues or questions please contact or call 630-317-7685.
  • Only ships within the US.
  • Product will ship directly from the merchant. Only ships within the contiguous US.
  • Customer has 14 days from receiving the product, to request a refund. Product must be returned to merchant, at customer's expense, prior to refund.

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